Developers Meeting 1 in 2022

Per the voting for weekday, this meeting will be in 1 week at:


  • 4pm UTC
  • 11am EST
  • 8am PST

@thebaer @rhiaro @ivan @mayel @melvincarvalho @grishka @zleap
et al.


  • 5min : 40s-introductions/reintroductions
  • 10min : Purpose of the meetings
    • We would like to identify missing pieces
    • Improving the Client-to-Server (“C2S”) portion of the specs.

Call For Proposals

Please reply below to propose an agenda item. Please consider doing some ahead-of-time work to articulate the item, and linking it in your proposal so others can come prepared to build consensus or raise objections that we can discuss in our limited time together.

[edit] some answered in the fediverse, and: Yes, this is fine too !

Example Agenda Proposal

Actor (@userOrFediHandle)durationcontent

Read this for more on agendas.

Tuesday Meeting URL / Join here


The meeting was awesome.
:orange_heart: Thanks to everybody attending, I’ll add the log here tomorrow …