Developers Meeting 6 : Groups and Improving C2S (ended)

Following Developers Meeting 5 : Context, Topics, fallbacks :


  • 5pm UTC
  • 12am EST
  • 9am PST

with an open end.

We discovered how we can use the context field for Groups and Topics.

@cpmoser will hopefuly continue with the proposal and show us how Groups are used in @yuforium
(see also the “Federating communities” )

@datatitian wanted to show how context is used in immers

@Sebastian would like to quickly describe what could will make the Client-To-Server much better in (re. result and the initial “Potential Actions attached to objects” idea.
And demo a [wip] Vocabulary and Proxy which is bridging native metadata, some LD namespaces and well known concepts like wikipedia to ActivityPub’s native semantic concepts like context, location and attributedTo.

maybe @bengo wants to describe the activitypub-lab


  • 5min : 40s-introductions/reintroductions
  • maybe quick brainstorming about the CFP/sessions for Fedi Camp
  • demos

Call For Proposals

Please reply below to propose an agenda item. Please consider doing some ahead-of-time work to articulate the item, and linking it in your proposal so others can come prepared to build consensus or raise objections that we can discuss in our limited time together.

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Upcoming, August
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The event was announced in German and it will take place “on the ass of the heath”.
It filled quickly, so there is no english version but I’m happy to answer any questions in any language.

this is kind of crazy, i can’t make it to the meeting. is there already a date for meeting 7 ?

ok, ok…