Distributed issues / tickets possible via AP?

Dear community,

this is Matthias, I’m working on a platform called “Klarschiff” (de: cleanship) that allows civic feedback about potholes, broken signs etc. We are also participating on the Open311 / citySDK protocol to allow 3rd party apps to submit tickets.

As more and more cities in our state adopt the platform, we are brainstorming, if there is the possibility to form a federation? So all servers form a network, that allows organisations to work to gather to solve the submitted issues. Currently we think about the following features

  • move tickets between instances
  • move users / groups between instances
  • get all tickets of all instances
  • (bootstrapping, discovery, security, load, …)

While I hang around the fediverse and learn the very basics of activitypub, I currently don’t see, if this would be possible by design? And if so, what standards do refer to this aspects?

There is forgefed that needs also to cover the ticket thing (for software projects to work on feature requests / bugs), but for me it’s hard to see, how they will address this aspect?

Any thoughts and hints on wip would be appreciated!

P.S: Somewhat this is a crossposting from the old forum https://socialhub.network/t/generic-issue-pattern-civic-participation-city-planing/588


I would very much also like to see a flexible spec for tickets on top of ActivityPub. I’ve been involved in the ForgeFed specification work and I don’t see why a non-forge platform couldn’t use the proposed Ticket type for example to handle distributed tickets in a system like the one you work on.

The key is that we get enough people on board to ensure ForgeFed is suitable for this purpose. Otherwise there is risk of two incompatible specifications / extensions on ActivityPub for tickets, which would be sad for interop. Tickets are not just software development, they can be things like on your platform or project management of any sort.

If you (or anyone else) are interested, there is a rather important design decision to be made regarding the creation of tickets re ForgeFed - would be great to get some insights on that.