EC Webinar Prep: ActivityPub beyond Microblogging --> Exploring Domains

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The Fediverse has evolved mainly around Mastodon - a microblogging app - but with AS/AP as core specs and based on Linked Data it can be the foundation for Federated Apps in numerous different application/business domains.

In this wiki post we can collect some of the apps being developed that go beyond microblogging, and ideate on some other exciting future apps that could enrich the Fediverse.

This is in preparation for the Webinar with the European Commission and AP Community. Results from this topic will be moved to the NGI0 European Commission / ActivityPub Liaison - HedgeDoc pad.

[TODO: Discuss & Extend]

Beyond microblogging

Some existing applications and protocols under development (see also: AP apps watchlist and AP dev watchlist):

  • ForgeFed
  • OpenEngiadina

Future app domains?

  • Community vocabulary extension (e.g. federated Discourse forums)