Exploring Hospitality Exchange platforms, opportunities to federate

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Exploring platforms


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  • @aschrijver: Without having experience with any platform, or having signed up, I have summarized some functionality which I ‘scraped’ from looking at the websites. In this wiki post we can further elaborate and look into some federation ideas. (My description below will be incomplete, and probably inaccurate, but its just to get things going).

  • @aschrijver: I hope this setup is useful to get a bit of an overview of things. Any feedback is welcome. Chat is in #hospex:matrix.org


Hospitality Exchange

Core domain: Allows Travellers to find and contact Hosts to arrange a Stay.


  • A Host is a Member that provides a place to stay

  • A Traveller is a Member that seeks a place to stay

Ubiquitous language:

  • Host offers Accomodations to travellers

  • Host presents Host Profile to travellers

  • Host specifies Availability of accomodation

  • Hosts are displayed on a geographic Map

  • Traveller filters Hosts on Map by Search Criteria

  • Traveller searches Hosts by Search Criteria

  • Traveller bookmarks Host Profiles to return to later

  • Traveller contacts Host to plan their travel

  • Traveller arranges a Stay facilitated by a Host

  • Traveller might get Amenities provided by a Host

Other subdomains:

  • Membership generic domain: Allows Members to register on the platform.
  • Social supporting domain: Allows Members to present themselves and provide feedback.
  • Messaging supporting domain: Allows Members to communicate in order to plan a stay.
  • Funding generic domain: Allows Members to donate to the project team.


  • A Community subdomain exists implicitly; all platform members together are the WarmShowers community.


  • Community core domain: Allows Members to join Circles to indicate their interests around specific Themes.
  • Hospitality Exchange core domain: Allows Members to find a Place to stay
  • Safety supporting domain: Allows Members to block other Members or report them to the safety team.
  • Social supporting domain: Allows Members to present themselves, provide feedback about their experience and manage contacts.
  • Messaging supporting domain: Allows one-to-one Member communication, about hosting, or general chat.
  • Meet supporting domain: Allows Members to show interest to meet-up in person for non-hospitality related purposes.
  • Membership generic domain: Allows Members to register on the platform.
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TODO elaborate

Federation brainstorm

(Note: This is brainstorm, so anything goes, criticism/restrictions come later :blush: )

  • Membership domain is the same functionality that any federated (microblogging) app has.

  • Members / Member Profiles might also be exposed as regular microblogging actors, even though from a HospEx web or client UI they have additional functionality.

  • Direct Messaging might have to be encrypted, because e.g. addresses, trip details are exchanged.

  • Discovery needs some more exploration, how to search hospitality offers across instances? Respecting (maybe opt-in/allowlist style) intentions.

    • Related topic of discovery of instances (in the scenario where there are many small instances, like fediverse microblogging)
  • Note that a Host (taking the example of WS) does not need to provide Accomodation. They may also provide help in any form (e.g. amenities), such as offering repair for flat tires, dry shelter when it rains, just the shower/drinking water, breakfast or dinner, etc.

    • This is interesting as a way to strengthen both the travel support network, as well as community aspects.