Farewell to Guppe? Not if us fedizens help cover server costs

@datatitian recently wrote a blog post about Guppe, the groups app for the Fediverse, which due to its increasing popularity became too costly to maintain on a personal budget. Read the article at:

Thank you, Will, for the service you so kindly provided! It helped make the fedi great :pray:


Support Gup.pe :rocket:

Regretfully, then, we are left in the unsustainable state that the value Guppe provides to its community is insufficient to cover the cost of providing it. As a final opportunity to preserve Guppe, we have reduced the minimum contribution amount to join the Guppe Platform Cooperative to $2/month or $19/year. If Guppe cannot reach a level of funding to cover all of the hosting and a couple hours of administrative labor per month, then service at a.gup.pe will shut down on May 31st, 2023. Guppe’s source code is available if anyone would like to operate their own server in its stead, or you might also want to look at lemmy.ml or chirp.social for alternative federated group services. So long and thanks for all the fish-themed groups.

-Will Murphy, Syndic


I guess this is a hint that the kind of functionality provided by Guppe is very much needed.

Yes, indeed. Actually I found the article via Lemmy, where the anticipation was that Mastodon might add Groups support soon:

PS. Good opportunity to cross-link to the finalized Groups FEP: FEP-1b12: Group federation

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That’s too bad! I love guppe groups.

I think the title is a bit premature: they’re calling for people to spend about $20 a year to help support server costs by the end of May. So we’d rather relay the call for funding rather than dig a hole…

I wish we could at least push the service for a few more months, since it may come into the financial pool I’m trying to setup. @datatitian what do you say?

@aschrijver maybe change the title to something that sounds like a call of arms.


Thanks for the heads-up. I didn’t read to the last paragraph and went with the tenure on Lemmy that the end had come. @datatitian, your blog post reads like that until the last bit. Maybe you should add a bold-face text on top that asks for support?

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