Feature request for FediDB? Sorting servers by Monthly Active Users

Where is the best place to make feature requests for https://fedidb.org/ ? Is there a public issue tracker?

On the off-chance that this forum is the place to make such feature-requests and I stumbled upon it unknowingly, here’s my feature request:

Currently, servers on fedidb are sorted by their total number of users. I would like an option to instead sort servers by the number of monthly active users. Such a feature might need to be limited to servers running software that accurately reports MAUs.

Why? Some servers, like mstdn.social and mastodon.social, have a lot of people who joined and then never used it again. I think monthly active users is a good proxy for checking how active a community currently is.

Hey and welcome to the community! This is a great idea!

I took a look and there seems to be a repository for it at GitHub - fedidb/fedidb-ce: FediDB Community Edition. But no issue tracker there to file issues. I see it’s owned by pixelfed.org. Their email is hello[at]pixelfed.org, so maybe you can shoot them an email about it.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

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FYI @dansup of fedidb.org is also a member of this community :slight_smile: