Federated app/space for 3D file sharing with complex tools and visualization

I’m a student participating in a currently ongoing hackathon around a webdev framework.
I was recently introduced to the Fediverse and ActivityPub through Lemmy and mastodon, and wanted to make an app that allowed for federated file sharing specifically for 3D media (models, animations, printing, etc.)

What makes the app “special” is that I plan to implement multiple tools for advanced visualization of said 3D media. Like AR and VR implementations, all in the browser using WebGPU along other projects and tools.

Users would still be able to access other Fediverse instances using ActivityPub and other instances would have access to publically available 3D media, but without the app-specific functionalities.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. As I mentioned, I’m very new to the Fediverse and ActivityPub as a whole.

Hi @Y0z64! I suppose the hackathon must be finished by now. Did you start any software that you’d like to share with us?