Federated Credentials API: Developer feedback needed

Dialog snapshot showing "Login with Facebook" and "Login with Google" buttons and a text balloon saying "But where is My Choice?".

Image created by Julian Foad, @julianfoad.

The W3C Federated Identity CG is working on Federated Credential Management Web Platform API specification. One of the issues is that the authors may focus mostly on Big Tech identity providers. So folks working to use Solid wrote an article, and there’s a Github issue to allow IDP registration, give any provider a chance in this mechanism. Julian Foad summarized all that in another article FedCM: Sign-In-With-Big-Tech-Only or Sign-In-With-Whom-I-Prefer?.

The Community Group is seeking developer feedback, so if any of you are working/interested in the subject, either from Fediverse or other background, then participate on the GH issue, or alternatively respond on the fedi to Sam Goto of the Google Chrome team.

Here is a direct link to the Github issue:


@erlend_sh had some really nice follow-up news wrt this topic today:

Boosts of that post as well as interaction in the various GH discussion/issues most welcome. :hugs: