Federation with the SocialHub

We’re experimenting with Discourse ActivityPub federation. This is #GoTALER speaking to Fediversity.

Discuss this on our forum.


And this is the #SocialHub responding to #GoTALER: we can talk to each other.

My topic is Federation with the SocialHub
Your topic is Federation with the SocialHub - Go TALER! - TALER ICH

This is fantastic! Did you see that discourse admins?

Cc: @codinghorror@infosec.exchange @how@ps.s10y.eu


This is great! Congratulations, @angus!

PS. I still miss an easy way to get the URL I can paste in the Mastodon UI to find this thread. And if I search for @fediverse I don’t find the actor. Searching for full actor handle fediverse@socialhub.activitypub.rocks as mentioned in category settings gives me results in Mastodon, but the last post is December 14, 2023. I can’t find this thread at all. Also noticing that providing your own fedi handle makes @how a forum reference.

Lotta things to take into account :sweat_smile: but very encouraging results already. :rocket: