FediForum September 2023 registration is now open

Some highlights:

  • It’s an unconference – you put the topics on the board that you are interested in, instead of the organizers
  • On-line
  • September 20 and 21, 2023: two half days
  • Similar format as our inaugural event in March 2023

More info and registration: https://fediforum.org . Also has session notes from the last event, so you have some idea what happened.


This is a paying online event. Is there a way to register from here or the Fediverse rather than through EventBrute?


We actually have an FAQ entry on this: FediForum | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Why do you use Eventbrite for registration?
We were unable to find Fediverse-compatible event registration software that has all the features we need, such as accepting credit cards. If you know of such software, please let us know, and we may consider using it next time.

Some options listed here: