Fedify: An ActivityPub server framework in TypeScript

I’ve written a fediverse server framework that implements ActivityPub in Deno. There are still many features to document and add, but the basic behavior such as creating and following actors and sending and receiving activities works well. It’s also been tested with Mastodon and Misskey.

There’s also a federated single-user blog in the repository as an example project. If you’re interested in building a fediverse server app, take a look at the project! Thanks!


Welcome and congratulations on your software! Would you like a sub-category here to showcase among other software?

Is it a library or server? From the README, I’d choose the former.

Did you see redaktor.me which is developed in Typescript as well?

Yes, please!

It’s a library! I changed the tag of the original post.

I’ve never seen redaktor.me before, thanks for the introduction. I’ll take a look.

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I have set up your group @fedify and category Fedify.

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