Fediverse 13th Birthday: Send your #reintroductions and boost others 🥳


Also put this up on Lemmy to brainstorm in this post :thinking:




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It seems you have changed the title of my post… and I don’t like it because I didn’t say I was looking for help or brainstorm or a “FUN campaign”…

I know lightone will write a post in fediverse.party but a hashtag campaign on corporate social media is another thing… Do it if you want to do it of course but I want to be clear that I’m not part of this idea…

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You are right. So sorry… will immediately fix it.

Update: Done. My apologies.

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Going with the theme that @lightone will announce, I created a bunch of fantasy-related fediverse memes…

59w94f 59w8i6 59w7lk 59w6pc 59w5y6

index 59w12s 59vyoa 59vy5b

@how, the AP for administations conf.tube videos need to be retitled, as it is very confusing now. Tomorrow fediverse. party will send a blog post with a link to the first video and the liaison post in it. But it is not clear what is part 1, 2, 3… they all have the same title in the list.


Read the outcome of our campaign and participate

@lightone worked all night to create images and finalize their blog article. I provide a little help here and there. Read the fine article here:

There’s two campaigns running today:

  • Toot #reintroductions about yourself to celebrate our unity and unique culture, and help newcomers on their way.
  • If you use corporate social media, then use our memes and hashtags (or create new ones) and entice more humans to get rid of the toxic mess they are using.
    • Especially organization accounts are encouraged to participate in this!