Fediverse account can be unique or I need one for any community?

I arrived on the fediverse with my community https://community.nicfab.it/c/privacy.
It’s not clear to me the question in the subject.

Short answer: In theory you only require one fediverse account on one instance to communicate across the fediverse.

Longer answer: A lot of the microblog sites are very picky about who they federate with and some folks have accounts on multiple sites to route around the damaged bits. A few projects also support nomadic identity so your account can be mirrored across multiple sites in case any one of them fails. There are also a number of micro-services which focus on (for example) photos or videos and may or may not provide full-featured communications. Many folks using these services have “normal” accounts as well and only use these alternate accounts for publishing specific types of media.

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Thank you.
I also see some issues related to sharing content on different fediverse platforms, even if they are based on ActivityPub.
However, I don’t want to be OT here.

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In general there is the Conformance Section for ActivityPub but some big players do not support “the entirety” which is a MUST there.
In regards to this it makes more sense to open an issue at these projects.
And relating 1 fedi identity see also the Client to Server specification in the spec.

Thank you.
I will follow you here because I am interested in deepening the fediverse.

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