Fediverse Futures has moved to Social Coding Movement

Some time ago I started the Fediverse Futures sub-category on this forum, and created the companion brainstorming space on Lemmy. The idea was to broaden the perspectives of the community to focus not just on technical and implementation details of AS/AP but also on vision and potential for Fediverse. Additional goal was to make the community more diverse, attract people with different background and skills to help out with federated projects.

Fediverse Futures has had some interesting discussion and did manage to attract different audience than fedi devs to the forum. Yet I also received feedback that members preferred a solely technical discussion space. SocialHub in the past year has seen a decline in activity, and the activity that take place is all technical discussion. I have decided that the more technical focus is most valuable for the SocialHub future, and hence I have moved Fediverse Futures to the Social Coding Movement I am involved with.

Social Coding Movement

Social Coding is the recognition that free software development is itself mostly a social process. That by getting the social aspects right FOSS Technologists are better able to deliver solutions that fit people’s needs. Social Coding will investigate Challenges and crowdsource Best-practices that cover the entire Free Software Development Lifecycle (FSDL), which includes all activities from a project’s inception to its ultimate end-of-life. And along the way we will find tools that support these best practices, and aboveall try to leverage the Fediverse in support of the social processes.

Fediverse Futures is now at this location:

I would try and trust/use spaces you keep setting up if there were some foundations to them like the #4opens prominently in place. Without this it’s obvious #techchurn and more stuff to compost which is not helping.

Place a good soled foundation stone in place, please.