Fediverse logo or icon proposal

It’s a nice one! I contacted Eukombos to ask for more of it :slight_smile: – and put it as category logo for #fediversity.



I like idea to have a slogan which can also be combined with the logo. It could also include a specific font (one with a correct license, of course!).

I have been thinking about that (I saw the post days ago), and I have come with an idea:
“Fediverse. Social network, social”
I’m not sure if it’s correct to say the Fediverse is a social network, or a federation of social networks. If so, maybe “Fediverse. Social networking, social” could do, but I don’t quite like it so much.

The idea of this motto is to imply that “the other social networks” aren’t really social, or maybe more correctly let’s say that being social is not their main point (it’s getting data from everyone to exploit it in many ways, advertising being just one).

I like “The people’s web” too: Because maybe the Fediverse goes beyond “just” social networking. And it is definitely the people’s, not the private companies’.

I’ll look for a good font or fonts for that too, let’s see what I can find!

Thanks for the initiative! :pray::sparkles:

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Yes, you are right that there should be a relationship with ‘Social’ and a contrast with traditional social media. I also think it is very good to mention ‘People’, whereas the old media mention ‘users’. And then there is ‘fediverse’ and ‘federation’, which are a bit abstract. But what they do is to bring people together from all around their world, interconnecting many ‘micro’ social platforms… connecting --> uniting. People (re)united with Social. People united.



People. Social. United.


I find the sufi/alchemist motto appropriate: unity in diversity.


regardless I like the christmas version


I love the old federatedsocialweb icon:

Federated social web icon

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20100814132804/http://status.net/2010/06/28/federated-social-web-summit-2010-announced


I like the more organic design, but I also like the vibrant brightness in colors of the current logo. Maybe those things can be combined. (The current logo, when displayed in monochrome color, looks a bit like an arcane symbol, rather than an organic social web that is emerging. The balanced nodes and straight lines also convey a ‘technical, very organized system’ idea.)

Edit: Tooted @pfefferle’s submission to fedi (note: interesting feedback in the toot), and commented:

In terms of topologies the current logo stands for ‘fully connected’, while #fediverse is much more of a ‘mesh’.


(source: Wikimedia)


And Zap. but IIRC, from what the dev related to me, only if Zap protocol is not implemented.

So in theory my understanding is that Friendica, Hubzilla, and Zap would provide what could more or less be described as bridging.

Thinking about these things you’ve all said, I’ve come up with something I hope conveys some of them. It has 3 variations for color, and 3 for mono:

This accomplishes some things:

  • It is less rigid than the original one
  • It’s no longer a fully connected topography, but a mesh
  • It’s even more dynamic thanks curved links
  • It can lo longer be mistaken as some occult symbol

How do you see it?


Like I said on Fedi, I adore :heart_eyes: the design. From the variations the leftmost ones appeal most to me. Some observations:

  • The pentagram node position was mentioned a number of times as to-be-avoided (though it doesn’t bother me much). There was suggestion for a ‘constellation’, maybe in an “F” shape (seems hard to do right).
  • I sometimes preceive a person shape in it, which sometimes appears cool, but sometimes feels as a bit ‘clumsy’ figure (hunched shoulders, idk?). It’s weird, I know :slight_smile: A rotation or flip may help to avoid it, maybe.
  • I just noticed that the color scheme looks way batter on a dark background rather than a light one, where the colors look too dull to me (like the yellow connector between green and red node). Maybe yet more splashy, in-your-face vibrant colors will help fix that.

Edit: Nah, looking further at it. The pentagram complaint should really be no issue in this design anymore. Sufficiently mitigated.

What about, instead of a mesh network, using a patchwork? After all, the idea of pre-existing individual nodes connected by stable links sounds a bit less dynamic and accurate than accumulated patches with fuzzy borders and random overlap. :slight_smile:

Ha ha, a quilt. Should propose to the - much longer, branched - thread, where a ‘clash of the logo’s’ hopefully does not occur:

sometimes I think, he is my brother

Exactly what I wanted to write (but it’s not weird).
To be true, I very much like this perception because fedi is about humans and friends, not about machines.
But yes, if it would be flipped or raises hand, it would be a bit more emancipatory.

About the colors:
We can have a look later and do one version for light and one for dark backgrounds (“perceived lightness”) so that for the receiver, the colors are persistent.

Hm but for an “icon”?
Nobody will rerecognize after awaking :wink:
I understand the organic idea but this is quite hard for Logos.
See the unilever logo for example.
They try washing at a psychedelic scale but it is recognizable as an “U” as well.
Needs any shape …

Just a thought:

“The People’s Web” would match “The Year of the Fediverse”.
But it would be big in China :slight_smile:

“People. Social. United.”

Think very political, then for me it is more
“Social. People. Solidarity.”

because United sounds more like labour for me while Solidarity is a political attitude.
“The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude.”
:free: as in Public Domain


A figure raising a hand would be a very cool abstract form of the constellation of nodes!

But before we get to that, there’s a fierce discussion on the Fedi toot, about whether or not to just stick with what we already have (see root of thread). Ended inconclusive with a proposal in this toot by @eudaimon:

Maybe a good first step would be to launch a poll about the original logo, try to spread it as much as possible in the Fediverse to get the maximum number of opinions. If it looks people accept it, then there is probably no need to change it, even if we can think of “objectively better” options.
This is how I see the issue, at least…
What options could such a poll include? Is a Mastodon poll correctly handled in other softwares?

Note that, if we decide to stick with the current logo, the new design by @eudaimon (which I find personally more appealing) may be still be used, but for a particular fedi application (I am thinking for a fedi platform that can be used for many purposes, like e.g. @cjs Go-Fed, which I believe is still looking for one) if Eudaimon consents to that.


More slogans have been suggested in the toot thread

By @r3vlibre:

Fediverse : By the People, for the People

By @Venema:

(Better use bold, than capitals.)

By @dsfgs:

“Social media: DECENTRALISED”, or “Social media, without being centralised”

By @humanetech (me):

Fediverse: Boundless. Freedom.
Fediverse: People. Humanity. One.
Fediverse: Social Reimagined
Fediverse: Socialspace at last

By @lostinlight:

Fediverse: The future of social
Fediverse: Dare to decentralize
Fediverse: The Rebel’s Spirit
Fediverse: Back to basics
Fediverse: For clever people
Fediverse: Connecting nerds
Fediverse: For Inventers and Idealists
Fediverse: pa-para-papam. I’m fixin’ it
Fediverse: Providing choices

Design by committee will lead you… Nowhere.

Honestly I think that the original Fediverse logo proposal is well-established and properly identified. I’m not sure we need anything else!


Thanks @how. There’s no ‘good’ way in this regard. This thread was started by @eudaimon based on current logo still referenced as a proposal, and they want to do a poll. It may lead to a new variant being favoured, or not. May leads to multiple variations becoming used (where a marketing type in a company would shout “No, no, NO”, but for organic fedi it may be alright), or we might not further pursue alternatives and the current alternative candidates could be reused elsewhere.

Another candidate from the toot thread, by @dsfgs. The double lines form the ‘F’ shape of Fediverse:

Update: Latest variant of this logo design (taken from this toot):


Yes, that is the same here.

I very much like the idea to have variations for certain contexts.
So much thanks to

Totally disagree with this

Design by committee will lead you… Nowhere.

Yes yes, it might not lead to a new official logo and we might stick to the original one.
BUT it leads already to a supercool debate about what people think about the fediverse, what they want.
It is so much more valuable to “people thinking in pictures” than the debates of Aristotle people.

My 2 cents about Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters’ logo:
It is superprofessional design and especially I like the hexagon/comb idea.
If you look at https://conf.activitypub.rocks/ there are also combs for a reason.
I wanted to indicate that
• we work together like bees
• Fedi is sweet like honey

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I’ve launched a poll to decide whether to stick with current design or work on a new one, let’s wait for the results. It’s here: https://mastodont.cat/@nestort/105511052496179195

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