Fediverse logo or icon proposal

Hi everyone,

Some of you might already be aware of it, some might not: there exists a Fediverse logo/icon proposal, which was created with the idea of trying to convey in a single image the idea of Fediverse, which could be used in many contexts, including as a small icon. The fediverse is diverse, for sure, but it is something, and the idea is to express this somethingness with one image.

This image is already featured in Wikipedia’s entry for Fediverse.

The image was a collective creation. You can see here a conversation where its origin is more or less explained.

I would ask two things about it:

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to try to create such logo/icon?
  2. Do you like it and/or think this one is useful for its purpose?

Personally I like the idea of creating such logo (i am very visual). I think it can help to abstract the concept of Fediverse from the different types of nodes available (such as Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.), or even protocols.

Enjoy it!


Hi! And thanks for your proposal :slight_smile:

IMHO Yes. It helps me to explain Federation. MastAdon has an “invasive branding” and in my experience people that doesn’t know about federated-tech tends to associate MastAdon as the Fedi itself…

Yes, I love this logo and I have used it a lot :slight_smile: If anyone has more examples of adoption, please, feel free to share it in this etherpad “fedilogo”.

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A little off topic, but does Diaspora connect to the rest of the fediverse?

Granted I’m pretty new to this, but in the research I’ve done it seems that not all of the Fediverse speaks ActivityPub, though I have yet to find a venn diagram of which software can talk to each other (OSocial, pump.io… are those still around? Then Diaspora…)

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totally On-Topic of this “Fediversity” category !

Yes, technically “The Fediverse” is the word to say “Different federated protocols”.
While things would be much easier if diaspora speaks ActivityPub and everybody has just a generic ActivityPub Server and diverse clients: diaspora is diaspora is diaspora.

Here are some statistics (pls be patient, scroll down “protocols”), ActivityPub is the “leading” protocol – and I can only recommend to watch some Talks of ActivityPub Conference
ActivityPub Conference - ConfTube
for history ActivityPub Conference 2020 opening keynote: The ActivityPub Panel - ConfTube

pump.io was the predecessor of ActivityPub. The vocabulary is nearly the same and Evan, who did pump also has a Talk
OStatus is basically still there because GNU Social uses it.
Neither mastodon nor pleroma support it anymore, so the user count drops but people can also use ActivityPub with GNU Social, see e.g. https://mastodon.social/@dansup/102076573310057902

So, yes, “Fediverse” refers to a mixture of ActivityPub and diaspora (and OStatus) …
I think, Friendica and Hubzilla can bridge it.

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