FEP-03c1: Actors without acct-URI


This is a discussion thread for the proposed FEP-03c1: Actors without acct-URI.
Please use this thread to discuss the proposed FEP and any potential problems
or improvements that can be addressed.


Most current Fediverse applications use an acct-URI as unique display name
for actors. Usually, this display is done by displaying acct:user@domain.example
as @user@domain.example. This FEP states that if there is no
acct-URI associated with an actor, the actor should be displayed
as its id. So the actor with id https://actor.example/path will be
displayed as https://actor.example/path.

In addition to the example below, we wish to point out that further independence of webfinger will enable new features such as using domain names as handles.

I don’t really understand why we would have a FEP to describe a lack-of-a-feature. This is the default behavior in the spec, making a specification simply to say it’s allowed is very confusing.


It might be the default behavior in a spec, I guess ActivityPub, but it is not the default behavior in the Fediverse.