FEP-c5a1: To-do's


This is a discussion thread for the proposed FEP-c5a1: To-do’s.
Please use this thread to discuss the proposed FEP and any potential problems
or improvements that can be addressed.


This document describes an implementation of simple to-do’s or tasks based on ActivityPub protocol and Valueflows vocabulary. A to-do is a simple work commitment, and can be created for oneself or another person. Optionally, when the to-do is done, that can be recorded also.

In all cases, the objects can also be discussed using Note objects and replyTo.

Should this be inReplyTo?

Regarding: Creating a to-do.

  • From a general design principle, I would prefer if finished was always a required property which changes from false to true. I consider changing the value from null to true bad practice.
  • Even better would be a “state” of the Todo taking values like opened, accepted, and finished. This would allow one to track progress of work being done related to the todo.
  • Finally, I think it would be convenient to attach a as:Collection to a todo to track its status changes, i.e. the Accept, Reject, EconomicEvent associated with it.