Hi all.

I think it would be useful to maintain a list of FAQs for FEP, so people can refer to it. The main one, I’m thinking about:

Q: What is the relationship between FEP and the W3C?
A: There is no formal relationship. In particular, this means there is no formal path for a FEP to become part of a W3C Recommendation. If you are interested in pursuing this, we recommend you start at the SocialCG.

Some others, I can think off are:

Q: Can I implement a FEP? Must I implement a FEP?
A: You can implement any FEP, but you must not. As the editorial process for FEP is light, you should make sure that the FEP does what you expect before starting an implementation.

Q: Do I need to have implemented the feature before writing a FEP?
A: No. First, FEPs are allowed to cover topics outside specific implementations. Second, writing and discussing a FEP can be a good approach to collect feedback.

Opinions? I plan on collecting for a bit, and then start discussing how we can integrate this into the repository / leave it as a wiki on SocialHub.