Fetching private objects (direct messages)

Hey! I am trying to fetch a private direct message sent from Mastodon instance (mastodon.social) to my local implementation account. Let’s say it’s uri is https://mastodon.social/users/xxx/statuses/999 however, Mastodon returns 404 error instead of the actual object.

I assume such get request has to be signed with my signature in order to authenticate the account that is trying to fetch it so Mastodon can return it or not. However, as it’s returning 404 i have to ask - should that be possible to fetch private objects from remote server and the way I’m trying to do that is valid (just the implementation on my end is buggy)? Or it’s normal that it returns 404 and one is not able to fetch private objects from remote servers?

Thanks in advance for any clues!

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