Forge federation: How forge friends want to liberate your code (Webinar)

There have been great developments in the Forgefriends community! And this upcoming open webinar will tell you all about it…

Yesterday Gitea announced that their NLnet application was granted and they’ll work on adding federation support. See:

The work will follow up on a detailed design discussion that was created by @cjs in December 2020. But it was the Forgefriends community that got the federation ball rolling in 2021 by offering 5k Euro of their own DAPSI funding to implement some federation-related PR’s to the codebase. The Forgefriends code project uses Gitea itself internally, as a library.

How that works and what is on the roadmap for federation support will be explained in the upcoming webinar on 19 January. See for agenda details the topic on the forgefriends forum:



I can commit to hosting an instance of the upcoming gitea federation

I can also help with testing, design, and a bit of code

I think getting profiles right (also applies to fediverse in general) is key because that is the main orchestration point around which everything else federates


That is great :green_heart: Might be best to sign up to the forgefriends forum then, as Dachary doesn’t have an account here. There’s also a new Matrix room:

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Webinar starts in 8 minutes :hugs: