Friendica 2024.03 released

Friendica “Yellow Archangel” 2024.03 has been released. This release contains several fixes for security issues reported by snajafov, arcanicanis and r1pu5u – Thank you for the reports! We strongly recommend all Friendica admins to update their installations to this stable release.

The highlights of Friendica 2024.03 are

  • We could optimize the performance in some areas.
  • An OCR addon based on Tesseract was added to optionally create missing image descriptions from the text containd in an image.
  • The Channels feature–our user defined algorithm to sort the network stream that was introduced with Friendica 2023.12–has been improved and expanded.
  • The handling of videos and images has been improved and support for WebP has been added.

Read the release notes at, for details have a look into the CHANGELOG.