Gitea/Codeberg roadmap to federation


I’m curious to hear what people involved in Codeberg ( 6543 - :eyes: ) have in mind regarding federation. Will there be multiple independent instances of Codeberg working together in a federated way? Is it something that is worked on in Gitea (via @cjs go-fed integration maybe ?). Or something else entirely?

I’ve not seen recent activity on this topic but since I’m not involved in the Gitea/Codeberg community, it is entirely possible that I missed something :slight_smile:


I think the intention is to have something that works with Gitea in general, and 6543 is part of the Gitea team and also very active on Codeberg and an enthusiast for @forgefed federation, and that in large part triggered by @cjs issue. Codeberg might be an early adopter of a federation endpoint, but I don’t think there’ll multiple Codeberg instances.

If I were you, I’d shoot an issue to the Codeberg Community issue tracker with a mention to 6543, and maybe plan a vidcall if they are in for it.

There might be an interesting collaboration possible between FedeProxy and future Gitea plans. What I’ve heard the team is quite busy with a big backlog of other issues to tackle, which is why the forgefed integration is on the backburner. But it might be a case of rallying / finding a separate set of contributors, and there may also be NGI0 funding for such project maybe.

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I added to the existing issue on Codeberg, thanks for the suggestion @aschrijver !