Go-fed is now V1!

v1.0.0 is now released!

The website has been updated, notably the pages on the App Tutorial and the streams reference: https://go-fed.org


nice job! This seems like one of the most used activitypub libraries out there across all languages.

Great job, congrats! You should do a Show HN :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. Feel free to do a Tell HN or share it with your friends in other circles, for time management reasons I’ve been trying to cut back on my participation in some forums and that was one of them.

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FYI: The ActivityPub portion of the v1 library is now documented at https://go-fed.org/ref/activity/pub

Previously only the ActivityStreams portion was documented on the website.

That should cover the entirety of using the github.com/go-fed/activity library. There are still a few more pages to be written on the website, but unrelated to the core of go-fed v1.

Happy hacking.