Good to bring up these issues when looking at the shifting funding of the #fedeiverse How to fix the damage to the #openweb from the influx of #mainstreaming funding #NGI

We start with the assumption that 90-100% of funding on this subject is simply pored down the drain, most of it into pointless NGO projects and #fashernista individuals “careers”.

Let’s look first with the best #openweb funders I have found recently who have money from NGI Zero which is from the EU

To fix some of these issues:

That this forum does not have activertypub is beyond crap, the is a good conviction about this on the #fedivers should be showing up here.

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Thought from spend a year talking to the #EU about #activitypub and #fedivers

With the growing influx of funding into the #openweb we will see an increase in #techchurn due to the #geekproblem being feed by #mainstreaming #stupidindividualism of most of the #fashernista who can jump through the bureaucracy gate keeper hoops.

Hoping for a balance of good Vs damage, though the shear blinded arrogance of the vertical crew push us to the damage side. They don’t wont to see this problem #NGI we as a community need to push back on this for a better outcome