Groups vs Applications for multi user media publishing app


I’m implementing an AP-based media publishing platform - long story short: user can run an instance, configure name/description/logo/etc and post blog posts/articles/songs/whatever - let’s say something like if Medium had a baby with Tumblr :slight_smile: Also, site admin can add additional users so multiple users can post stuff in there.

Anyway, i can’t wrap my head around one thing - as my app is technically multi-user, should my app operate based on Groups and Profiles (multi Profiles are posting to the group, and both Profiles and Group can be followed separately - i can see that introducing a confusion what should be actually followed), or should that be Application instead of a Group or should i entirely drop the concept of Profiles and just federate stuff posted on such site as a Group (so there will be no separation based on Profiles posting from the fediverse perspective - everything comes from one group).

I would highly appreciate any feedback on this as I’m a bit stuck on that.

Based on what you’ve described, Group and Person actor types are probably the most appropriate.

If a similar service already exists in Fediverse (Plume or Wordpress?), I recommend copying its federation protocol, that will make your service interoperable from the start.


Some other prior art you may find useful to poke around in:

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