Hackathon: where's kepi going next?

kepi is a Mastodon-alike server written in Django, currently pre-alpha and running on one live test site (with no current HTML interface). It supports ActivityPub for server-to-server communications; the client-to-server interface is provided by the Mastodon protocol.

During this hackathon session, we will discuss:

  • users’ hopes for this project
  • what needs to be done to achieve them
  • packaging to make kepi more easily testable

If all goes well, we should come out of the session with a roadmap to v1.0. If all goes excellently, we should also have some working installation code and documentation.

Everyone is welcome to participate, especially documentors, those who code in Django and other Python frameworks, and admins who might want to use kepi.

(Over the weekend, I’ll upload some documentation about the current structure of kepi, and link it here.)


(kepi was briefly known as chapeau; gitlab is still slightly confused about the name change, so “chapeau” appears in the URL. If anyone knows how to stop that, please let me know!)


Today I have added a lot of new documentation, which should be useful when we plan a roadmap.

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Very cool! I’m looking forward to what comes out of this presentation :slight_smile: