Has DM'ing been turned off?

I notice it is no longer possible to DM to other members. And also not possible to access DM discussions I previously had. Is this silently turned off @how or is there some other reason this no longer works?

Also I notice that my trust level has been dialed down to ‘member’. I don’t mind too much, yet it is surprising as the trust level comes from being a very active member for a long time.

If these were admin activities that were done I am asking for more transparency on the moderation of the forum, please.


I can confirm there’s no DM when I click anyone’s profile. @aschrijver your profile is hidden but I think it’s good for everyone to put their fedi address and then DMs become one less thing SocialHub has to worry about.

It would be nice to see the reasoning though for any change in how this forum operates.

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Yes, this is an unfortunate side-effect when not opting in to the presence plugin that is active on this forum.

Tempted to make an issue tracker :sweat_smile:

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Who are the admins of this forum? Is that listed anywhere? Maybe they can help?

Admins are listed in /about.

I have silently turned off private messages as a test on October 6th, 2022. In the past we had abusive users who sent private messages to their victims, leading those to jump off the forum. I am glad that the change is only noticed now, which means the private messages were not used as much as I thought.

I think @weex’s suggestion is best for private messaging:

The conversation here should be public when possible, limited to work groups when necessary, and not go private since there is not much incentive to do that here. What do you think?

P.S.: limited access to exisiting PMs is a problem that should be handled.

@aschrijver I guess your TL went down from 3 to 2 as you stopped coming every day. Skipping 50% days will drop TL3, I experienced it on Meta. Only assiduity will give it back, unless we start granting TL4 to a handful of people, but I don’t think it’s a good idea, not before another year or two when we have a more stable regular user base.