Hatsu v0.1.0-nightly released

Hello! I’ve released a nightly version of Hatsu (yet another bridge).

It may still contain some breaking changes before v0.1.0 is released.

Normally it can do all the:

  • When a Fediverse user searches for your site URL (https://example.com/hello-world), redirects to the corresponding post on the Hatsu instance.
  • When a Fediverse user searches for a user of your site (@catch-all@example.com), redirects to the corresponding user of the Hatsu instance.
  • Receive replies from Fediverse users and back feed to your static site.

Best of all, these are fully automated! Just set it up once and you won’t need to do anything else.

It works with any SSGs and most static hosting services.

GitHub: GitHub - importantimport/hatsu: 🩵 Self-hosted & Fully-automated ActivityPub Bridge for Static Sites. [WIP]
Documentation: https://hatsu.cli.rs

If you want, here’s a test account: @kwaa-blog-next.deno.dev@hatsu-nightly-debug.hyp3r.link

and a test post: https://hatsu-nightly-debug.hyp3r.link/o/https://kwaa-blog-next.deno.dev/articles/test/

Received replies are displayed at Hello, World! - ./kwaa.dev/next.