Hello from a community software dev


I am joining this forum to participate in the hospex topic → Hospitality exchange community considers moving to the fediverse ;) - #5 by mariha

I’ll write more about that in there, but first a bit of self-indulgent writing about myself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I switched from “commodity developer” to “community developer” about 5 years ago, via https://foodsharing.de, https://trustroots.org, https://social.coop (co-op mastodon instance), and https://karrot.world (my current “main” project) - basically low/no-funded grassroots community projects that have (mostly boring) tech as a key piece of infrastructure, but where the real activity probably takes place offline, facilitated by the platform.

I started pretty naïvely wanting to “scoop up” and organise fragments of professionals volunteer time, wondering what the limitation is on these projects are that prevent them being as slick as uber/airbnb/etc.

Following the rabbit down the hole, I’ve come to see the much broader challenge as one of reconnecting a whole load of parts that have become disconnected, not so much into a coherent whole, but as a vibrant ecosystem. And I really mean broader - so, reconnecting love, spirituality, family, friends, self, compassion, activism, economics, the infinite, science … into something where all these parts support the others (something like this).

Much of this even leads me away from tech, as I’ve struggled to find a way to engage that acknowledges this broader context. Decentering “tech” has become important to me, even though it’s my main skill. I would have been delighted to just code away building cool shit if all this other stuff had been considered! Alas…

Anyway that’s enough about me.