Hello! From an idealistic new fedizen

Greetings! I’m a newcomer to the world of the Fediverse. I found my way here initially because I had what I thought was an interesting social app idea which I was explaining to a friend. They asked whether I considered making it federated, a question to which I had no answer. My app idea was somewhat novel, but I was in fact more interested in creating something that was strongly moderated to prevent abuse, and was built by a worker owned organization. Anyways, I have spent the last couple weeks since then learning all I can about the Fediverse.

Initially the Fediverse looked like a utopia—moderatable, decentralized, with no need for capitalists. In many ways it has that amazing potential, but as I’ve dug and read (lots of which here on SocialHub) the many problems and difficulties are becoming apparent. I’m seeking out the fault lines that threaten the stability of the Fediverse and for the places to bolster this spiral island against the storms. I’m not sure that creating yet another federated app is it, although I will likely prototype something anyways just to cut my teeth on the protocols.

At a personal level, I’m trying to create a better society and media landscape for my kids, friends, and for myself. I want to help democracy survive (currently residing in the troubled society that is the USA). I’ve been a full time software engineer for two years (frontend/react, and a little full-stack), an engineer of various other stripes (laser, rf, manufacturing) for 15, and a coder/tinkerer for at least 25. I love UX and design. Many ideas that I’ve been exposed to I’m just this short time, C4 (love me some process), Pattern Libraries, Federated moderation, governance, and others are super exciting and interesting. I’m looking for the places where I can be most useful to keeping this federated ship afloat :blush:
~ Ellie


There are many interesting possibilities for the fediverse, and I suspect that the ActivityPub protocol could be around for a long time.

So far federated structure plus moderation seems to have been very successful at avoiding the usual fate of being colonized by a big company or swamped by advertising.

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Welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself. :grin:

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