Help make the European Commission EUVoice and EUVideo pilot a success

I compiled some information about how people can help make the European Commission pilot with EUVoice and EUVideo a success. See my fedi post created just now (and boosts are appreciated for further exposure :hugs: )

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The is a poison in the writing, sickness in the attitude, going down this #NGO path is damaging.

Am all for outreaching the technology and MOST IMPORTANTLY the #openweb culture of the #fediverse to the #EU but please can we get off our knees and lift our heads and voices… @aschrijver try and hear the diversity and disunity, the “cats” and try not to speak for us, I understand this is hard for you, we have talked about this a number of times in the past each time you ignore the points/process and pushed on with your #mainstreaming “common sense”.

Currently, we are a bunch of cats being feed cream, the #EU “authority” this will be use to control and destroy, It’s what they do, please look at the funding agendas they have already pushed into the #geekproblem hart of our project.

A heathy life is a balance, working of fluffy/spiky.

This is spiky PRODDING you, this text you outreach is outa balance as are you as a person, remember you do not talk for us, this should be simple, am sad that it’s not, am not sure if you can change to understand this challenge, hope you can. A video chat?

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You interpret the things the way you want to interpret them, and so do I. I am talking in no one’s voice but make an appeal to make the pilot a success. You may see ‘mainstreaming’ everywhere but all you do is calling out everyone to ‘get off their knees’, which is incredibly patronizing. I’ve tried to convince you that we are on the same side. If you do not accept that, that is up to you. At least accept that there are more people trying to improve things, even though they do not follow your lead.

I think there is alot of work to, in order to encourage EU voices to move from broadcast to interacting with EU citizens and residents.

But then I tend to think more accessible communication for local constituancys in the EU would be a good idea.

In my area, I doubt many locals ever interact with their MEP and they have no idea of the commission really, so fostering the European community as part of the EU would be good.

But this needs a change in mindset from publicly to fostering active trust with EU citizens and other people who have a stake in the EU

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Yes, many people see the EU as a single block speaking with one voice. I just responded to a couple of threads that this is the wrong perception. And if we block EU accounts because of this, we only squander opportunities to improve our situation.

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Did you see the image, we are clearly not on the same “side”… just look at your reply for that.

Get a grip and build a bridge, I think you are a dangures #mainstreaming who is happy to sell out everything for a sense of self-worth… I also think you are not a bad guy who might do something hopeful given a chance…

Any foundation stones?

At the #EU we are dealing with people who think like this

To get any #openweb outcome we have to PUSH change/challenge not keep bowing down, they see the need to change but will not move without some strong shoves. If our process is #BLOCKING then it’s taking up space and focuses, please stop JUST doing this thanks.

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yep, there is strong #blocking at the #EU and SOME people reaching out who see the need to change. As I see it we need to nurcher the second and PUSH back the first… spiky and fluff are complementary here.

We on the #fediverse are cats… cute and fluffy with sharp claws… it’s a good mix to do this job.

It’s the need for composting again.

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