Help with Relays on Pleroma please

Hello, I’m new here and need help. lol. I am totally new to ActivityPub but I set up a Pleroma server on Digital Ocean a few days ago. That generally went smoothly. I set up a few relays and I’m showing lots of activity from those relays.

Anyway, I have relay regret with one instance and I’m trying to delete them. When I try to delete the relay in the UI of Pleroma-FE, I get this (below).


So I googled and found I can use “pleroma_ctl relay unfollow” and that pukes with a “not found” error on line 159. So I edit pleroma_ctl and find on line 159 it’s looking for a binary called pleroma and I can’t find that anywhere. Tons of directories named pleroma but no binaries (that I saw).

Is it really this hard to delete a relay?