I stumbled about this magical thread of librehost introductions feat. ‘how’ :wink:

and want to say thanks to

for helping with the hosting for ActivityPub Conference 2020

Let us work together to create easy packaging solutions for “end-users” -

User story :
Alyssa P. Hacker chooses a librehoster to start an independent online presence based on ActivityPub.
She wants to use the ActivityPub aspect of interoperabilty to connect various softwares as easy as possible.
She does not want to spend the next weeks with figuring out how to install the services and debugging ffmpeg.
So she is presented with a simple UI as in Software and after reading the introductions she activates some checkboxes for the desired Open-Source-Products.
Then she clicks ‘Install’.
After some minutes Alyssa can start creating with a big smile.


Threefold can be a great match for hosting Fediverse nodes: