How to Create an Agenda Entry?

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How to Create an Agenda Entry?

Categories under #meeting offer an agenda functionality to keep track of events.

Agenda entries are associated with a topic. When creating a topic, if there is an existing URL associated to the event you want to announce, please paste that link in the “topic title” field. This must be the first thing you do, otherwise the system won’t associate the link. You also need to keep the URL in the post! Sometimes you may have to change the title to replace the URL with something more descriptive.

The new topic interface will present you with an “Add date and time” button with some options:

  • always use the UTC timezone: the interface will transform this for each user (you can set your preferred timezone in your preferences.)
  • always enable RSVP so that we can have a clue how many people are going to attend.
  • you may enter an ending date if you know it in advance.

Generally a subscribable iCalendar would help very much not to miss meetings.
I just found this but it says
“Calendar is available on Enterprise hosting plans

I activated the calendar in #meeting:

You may subscribe to the iCal feed or RSS feed.

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