How to figure out what to call your project?

Hi, Ive been working on a project mostly since the end of last year and i have basically a complete idea of what i want it to be, with the only exception being what to call it.

So my question is to those who have created fediverse projects, how did you decide what to call your project

Notoriously one of the two hardest problems in programming.

I couldn’t solve this one for my node lib, so far I’m calling it “node-activitypub”.

Apart from the literal option, you could smash together words related to your project’s purpose, play with acronyms, metaphors, etc. Alternatively you could just pick a nice sounding word you like. Maybe come up with a few ideas and canvas for opinions.

thank you for your help ill give what you suggested a try, seeing that this is a tough problem for others is strangely comforting

Depending on what your apps unique ‘selling points’ are you can try to encompass that in the name. And/or use variations of familiar terminology. Couple suggestions (all available):

These immediately associate with a great logo / mascotte :slight_smile:

The decision for “redaktor” dates back a long time and I regret it :wink:
redaktor is a general swiss word for editors in journalism.
Unfortunately it is not very gender neutral, diverse or fediversish …

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

– Phil Karlton