How to get rid of the Fediverse?

This is a moody :rage: post about the Thing Whose Name We Can’t Tell, with detailed explanations…

You start like this:

What's wrong with this icon?

It’s not the ActivityPub logo, which is used anywhere else (e.g., ActivityPub), nor it is the proposed Fediverse logo (which we use a version of in Fediversity). It’s a :new: thing, because what was before is not good enough, and it would certainly hurt if people would realize that… (wait for it…)

And you finish like this:


What's wrong with this picture?

… you don’t need to login to see public content on the Fediverse. IOW nobody needs to track what you’re reading online if it’s public content. So this above is a complete capture of your attention for you to access a public space. Please log in before reading the fscking poster in front of you (so we can know what you read, when you read it, how long you read it, what replies make you tick, etc.)

OK, OK, I’ll tell you.

This is the absolute opposite of what the Fediverse stands for: capture + NIH over collaboration & sharing; scrutiny over discretion.

Do you think it’s a matter of insignificant details? Well, no: it’s a very well-known colonial pattern that we’ve seen over and over and over again in different times, at different places, even before computers were invented.

You ignore what exists and make it so it appear to be your own.

What can someone coming from behind this login button say, except: what is a fediverse?


Yup and they’ve made it so that their users can post to us in the Fediverse, but we can’t reply back.

Not to mention, you cant even view public posts in their API without creating an Instagram account. So you cant even make a better version of it. It doesnt support RSS feeds, etc. shall I go on? :grin:

All these years and Meta still hasn’t learned a thing about an open and free internet. They’re “joining” the fediverse is quite an illusion. But you can put lipstick on a pig, I guess.


oh I guess no-one could imagine that before hand…

I remember some years ago already, struggling with activists trying to explain what was going to happen on the basis of this text we had publish,
What is at stake with interoperability - PUBLIC, and they continued campaigning for interoperability between platforms and grassroots, telling us our technical arguments were not enough they will obtain that we’d need not to identify to the platform’s system in order to interoperate with them…

And if it was only activists but also quite tech aware people who seem not to understand the most basic societal issues.