Idea - A GitHub(-like) based workflow for collaborative (open source) social media content management

So, there is a problems that many teams collaborating on accounts belonging to organizations have: lack of the ability to “post on behalf of” (i.e. delegation) on fediverse software (see Local account delegation · Issue #1405 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub).

One obvious problem here, is that we need to share credentials between users, which is not nice.

One way I though that could address this, is to define a GitHub-like based workflow, e.g.:

  1. A team member proposes a post or interaction (e.g. liking or re-posting) by editing a file and making a PR
  2. The PR is reviewed and merged
  3. Once the merge takes place, an automation takes the new content and post it to the account via API

This does not require any implementation on server side, and would enable other nice use cases, like accepting contributions into your account in an Open Source/InnerSource fashion.

I have already some ideas about how to implement this.
At the moment, I’m looking for existing building blocks, such as fediverse clients implemented as command lines, or libraries that I can use to build a tool for this purpose.

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While this is not what you refer to, it reminded me, so I’ll just drop: Show HN: Pages CMS – A CMS for GitHub | Hacker News

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