Identifying ActivityPub GitHub Issues that are not really actionable, should maybe be closed as issues and converted to forum topics here

Today in SocialCG called we discussed the ActivityPub Issue Tracker, which is this GitHub URL:

It was mentioned that many of these issues are sort of just conversation-starters, e.g. “What do you think of…?”, and not really things that the group could clearly vote to take action on and resolve, close, etc.

We also discussed it would be nice to generally have an attitude toward actionable issues that we try to reach the equivalent if ‘issue zero’ and aspire to address all issues ASAP.

In pursuit of that, I start this topic. I encourage anyone to help build a list of GitHub issues in the tracker that might be best moved to this forum.
If there are some obvious ones, I think we should group them into a single proposal to close the GitHub issue and encourage the author (or a volunteer who is interested) to re-open them as forum threads here.

A relevant metaconversation is: “What makes for an actionable issue?” I don’t think there’s a right answer to this. But I think the most ideal kind of group-actionable issue is a pull request that can be voted upon to merge, close, request changes to, or keep keep discussing about.

/cc @how @cwebber

This reply is a wiki post. So others can edit it, add issues, categories, etc.

Actionable Issues or Issues that contain proposals

Implementation Report issues (Is there someplace that says the way to list your implementation is to file these issues?)

Examples of non-issues or discussion-starters (IMHO):

Questions, but maybe not issues?

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I took a pass at categorizing each open issue. Toward the end I started making more categories, but didn’t go back and recategorize. Gotta go do other stuff now.

@Sebastian, I think I saw that you had edited it while I was finishing the last dozen or so, but there is not a good way for me to resolve edit conflicts… so I overwrote yours. Sorry but I didn’t want to lose that progress. Can you re-make your edit?


cc @how @cwebber

There are some questions really popping up frequently like

  • " I don’t need separate accounts for #mastodon, #pixelfed, and others. I can use all ActivityPub connected platforms with one account", right ?

    • well you could with the protocol if implementors start to use to work on this together
  • How can I use “streams” so that others can follow my collections or should each collection be an actor ?

  • How can you search across instances

Are we willing to answer them in depth in a FAQ section ?

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There’s a #faq tag already. And /faq, where the tag should be mentioned. When there’s a valuable answer to these questions and others, we can quote them directly into the FAQ. Just shoot the question in a new topic, frame the context, and make second post a wiki for crafting the answer.

Never forget we can always move topics around.

As soon as @cwebber has granted us access to the right repositories on Github we can start using:


The Github account information itself is in #staff.

Sorry people, the issues import has been causing a mess. I fear notification spam. I’m taking more care now that I see it can fail… It’s going to take a little while to fix.

OK, the importer is buggy. I will restored the Github issues and will report the bugs to Discourse, and only import what @bengo reported as discussions.

For the rest, we’ll see one at a time…