IFTAS is happy to announce the public availability of our

IFTAS is happy to announce the public availability of our DSA Guide for Decentralized Services – a practical guide for small and micro services that are subject to the EU’s Digital Services Act.

If your server has member accounts in the EU, or is publicly viewable in the EU, your service is most likely impacted by this regulation, even if you are not based or hosted in the EU.

Developed in collaboration with the great people at Tremau, our DSA Guide is designed to help independent social media service providers navigate these complex regulations and achieve compliance with these new rules without compromising the unique qualities of federated, open social networks.

As part of our Needs Assessment activities, we’ve heard a repeated need for help understanding the complex regulatory landscape that decentralized services need to consider, and this DSA Guide is the first of many in our plan to provide clear, actionable guidance to a range of regulations for the community.

As of February 2024, all online services and digital platforms that offer services in the European Union are required to be fully compliant with the DSA.

However, various portions of the DSA are not applicable to “small and micro” services, and this guide will show you clearly which parts apply and which do not.

For administrators of platforms like Mastodon, PeerTube, and Pixelfed, the DSA Guide can help demystify the requirements and offer practical advice on achieving compliance for the over 27,000 independent operators of these and other decentralized social media services who otherwise may not be able to obtain the guidance and advice that larger operations can afford to invest in.

Download the DSA Guide for Decentralized Fediverse Services.

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