I'm building fediverse.to!

Hi all! My name is Ayush, and I’m building fediverse.to to help people navigate the fediverse more effectively. If you have some time to spare, I could really use some early feedback and ideas for the future.

Full announcement here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ayushsharma/announcing-fediverse



It’s “only” about mastodon instances?

Nope, there’s instances from all over the fediverse, including Pleroma, Misskey, etc. I don’t know which software each instance is running since I’m not polling/scraping that info, but it’s on the feature list.

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is it a crawler? what are you crawling for ?

Currently I’m fetching the metadata API for each instance. It gives me user stats, language, description, etc. Categories I fetch from the instances.social API plus pattern searches in Python.

Been doing this for over 10 years, we have an API etc if you need any easy ways to populate all servers etc. https://fediverse.observer


This one ?

Your API was already on my list. Thanks for building it!

That’s right. Also using the API on mastodon.social.