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My feeling is we should have conference sessions for



[I missed it but we recently had a fedi. discussion, thread here] :


How do you think about Easing the onboarding of new developers to the Fediverse which is a more general subject related to your first topic mentioned above (which can be a sub-topic of onboarding process)?

Yes, right - I meant “onboarding” in general - thanks for linking !

Also asked about 8 potential sponsors for Hackathon-prizes for “challenges” …
And two points could make a fine task for the hackathon, “Tests” for code-writers and “Onboarding” for natural-language-writers …

Personally writing a proposal about “topic based subscription” for a session
together with SkoHub.
As Conf-Co-Coordinator just do not want to write multiple proposals, so :
Encouraging everyone to add a new topic for session or hackathon proposals
and watch out for awesome news

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