Integration ActivityPub in the Automotive Marketplace


We try to develop decentralized automotive marketplace with the ability to generate VIN numbers in the NFT and subsequent resale and change of ownership of the car.
The idea to integrate ActivityPub. Can anyone help implement this?

Application developed with React:

How do you want to integrate ActivityPub?

A solution needs to be found to reduce the cost of images storage. On all existing marketplaces, the main business model is the sale of vitrines with limited places for professional users.
To get away from this model and make the platform free for everyone, I thought to use the mastodon principle, the same professionals will be more happy to deploy nodes for servers than pay for each ad placement and limit themselves to images…

ActivityPub is a communication protocol, so I think you need to define how nodes will be communicating with each other. What kinds of objects need to be shared between them? Images? User profiles?

Then you can choose how your objects will be represented at the protocol level. I’d recommend Activity Vocabulary as a starting point.

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, these must be user profiles and ads content.
My own skills are not enough to integrate the protocol.
Is it possible to find contributors here to develop this project and include it in the Fediverse group?

Since Vehicle Identifier Numbers are regulated by nation-States, how would your system play any role in this market?