Intro, GPC, FEP permissions?

Good morning everyone. I’m on the Fediverse and a member of the Global Privacy Control ( ) team.

I have seen some concerns from other Fediverse users about having their personal information collected, and from what I can tell it looks like Global Privacy Control for ActivityPub would be one way to address that. There is also a lot of interest in preventing “generative AI” training on Fediverse content. I’m working on a FEP that might help with both problems: #326 - fep-5e53 - fediverse/fep - and would like to open a topic here to discuss it.

So right now it looks like I need to level up my account enough to be able to make a topic in the “Fediverse Enhancement Proposals” category. Right now I’m trying to level up my account enough to be able to do that, still not sure what I need to do but working on it off and on.


It might be the case that only specific users can create topics in the FEP category. And maybe that makes sense, but then FEP facilitators should be able to move topics. @angus is it possible?

Hi Don! I am no expert in the Discourse Social Credit Scoring system, but I think enough people that like this post or met you at a W3C event once (myself included!) throw an emoji react on it.

Minorest nit in the world, but i think the idea with https://fep.example/ns/privacyHeaders is that unless xRobotsTag and secGPT are already in some @Context file somewhere in the w3c ns, authors of FEPs just throw together a tiny one and put it here for folding into the upstream AP vocab at some later date if it gets adopted enough (high likelihood in this case of your FEP!). I could take a stab at it if that’s an unfamiliar or onerous chore :smiley:

Hi @bumblefudge, thank you for the suggestion.

I have not done the reading on how to make a @Context so, yes, I would be happy to get your help in making one. And I can update the FEP text to include a citation explaining it.

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Boom! It’s really as simple as this, I think?

If you wanna get fancier and constrain the values or what objects can have a secGPC, though, you might need to get deeper into the JSON-LD/RDF game (by which I mean read FEP-888d or ask its author for help!)

As for noai not having a normref-- you could update this later if it makes it to a W3C or WhatWG or IETF doc some day. Or do browsers not bother with those formalities anymore in 2024 :sweat_smile:

Thank you, I don’t think we will need to limit the GPC and X-Robots-Tag to only certain kinds of objects. They’re general-purpose enough that they might apply to almost anything.

Hello Don, welcome, and thanks for your interesting proposal!

To answer your query about levelling up your account, and @silverpill’s related question, Fediverse Enhancement Proposals has the following permissions

Which means that someone in the @fep.hosts and @standards.hosts groups would have to create the topic, or re-categorise one as @silverpill, suggested.


Hello @angus, thank you for the helpful info. I made a new topic here:

Could you move it to the FEP section? I can update the FEP to include a discussion link. Thank you.

I just moved the topic to the FEP category, @dmarti. I also added a link to the FEP draft on Codeberg to the top post.


@aschrijver Thank you. I will update the discussion link in the FEP repository. Looking forward to seeing what comments people might have.

Thanks for the info!
Do I have a permission to re-categorize (I’m in fep.hosts group)? Can’t find such option in topic’s menu.
Also, I noticed that @dmarti’s topic is not federated. Is it because the topic was moved from another category?

Here’s how I imagine the ideal workflow:

  • FEP author creates a topic in a special category where fresh accounts can post (for example “FEP submissions”)
  • Facilitator adds proposal to the FEP repo
  • Facilitator moves topic to the protected FEP category
  • People from Fediverse can comment on it.

Is it possible?


That flow is almost possible. I’ll need to make one update I’ve been meaning to make (below).

You can change the category of a topic using the “topic controls” that appear when you click on the pencil icon next to a topic title. This should be visible to you (it depends on trust level and / or moderator / admin status)

Then once the topic is recategorised there’s already a topic menu action that allows you to manually federate a topic, regardless of when it was posted, however it’s currently only available for “First Post Only” topics (as that was the simplest initial version of the feature). I’ve been meaning to make it available to “Full Topic” topics too. Will let you know on that front.


I think it’s good that Fediverse Enhancement Proposals remains a formal category, in the sense that it should come from discussion, and not be open to random spam from any vendors. If a discussion comes to the point where a FEP should be made, then it makes sense the @fep.hosts will create a topic and assign it to the person who should write the FEP, or recategorize an existing topic that is sufficiently structured for this purpose.

I do not think it’s a good idea to accept anyone who does not have a good standing with the community to be able to start a new topic in Fediverse Enhancement Proposals.

I think ActivityPub is such a category where everyone can create new topics.

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That worked. I will be recommending ActivityPub category to FEP authors then

Awesome, thank you