Introducing Myself: Adam Lake

Hi All,

I am going to make a post suggesting a new Community Group, or the revival of this one, but thought I should first provide a quick introduction to myself. Some of you know me but others have probably never heard of me. I have been fascinated by the subject of Decentralized Social Networking, as a vector for positive social change, since before 2010 when Diaspora did their Kickstarter campaign. It was obvious even then that centralized control over a huge percentage of the Web’s content and human attention is bad for society in the long run.

My research led me to many communities working to create (if only pieces of the solution) viable alternatives to socially corrosive social media models like Facebook (not that it is all bad we just need to do a lot better). I landed in the space of Decentralized Identity (aka self sovereign identity), where I had the pleasure of working for the past six years. With my medium-term personal financial goals met I have taken the leap to work full time on the things I am most passionate about. I founded the Mosaic Foundation, with the mission to facilitate “building digital infrastructure for a new era of democratic societies”. Mosaic is project-based and in a nutshell sees a lot of potential in bringing together groups of people, each with a piece of the puzzle, to solve some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Mosaic Foundation Website:

I look forward to getting to know many of you and hope to engage in meaningful collaboration.

Kind Regards,
Adam Lake


Great idea Adam. I definitely think we need more design processes and artifacts that the rest of the social web can riff on and implement from

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