Introduction: Georg @ Funkwhale

Hello everyone,

my name is Georg, I am a young CS student from Germany feeling quite old already. I have two kids, like gardening and music. While we are talking about music: I am currently most of the time working on Funkwhale as a maintainer, hence my interest in ActivityPub.

Funkwhale is cool and great and things, but I am interested in trying to widen my focus on the bigger ecosystem. I am planning to work on a Activitypub Python Library this year, I hope for some progress in the OpenPodcastAPI and in the background we do have ideas about funding artists on the fediverse, which was once prototyped as but is more or less inactive. There are some other approaches being though of and it might be time to merge the efforts.

So I hope for some great discussions, have a nice time!


Welcome Georg!

Thanks for the reminder abour Retribute. I found an artist I really liked through that site! I’ll have to return.

If you’d like to further the OpenPodcastAPI idea, I would invite you to consider a FEP.


thank you for the welcome!

Well, I know about the FEPs and its a really cool approach and I am really keen to contribute there with some Funkwhale specifics. But the OpenPodcastAPI really is Client to Server thing, does it fit here at all?

Welcome to the SocialHub community :hugs:
If it is a custom client-to-server API, then no. But if it relates to ActivityPub C2S, then yes :slight_smile:

I don’t think it makes much sense to put this into AP. Its about syncing playback position between the Server and the Client, there might be some part of it which makes sense to put in AP, for example if we want to implement some kind of ListenActivity, which might be federated/shown. I’ll take this to our next meeting for discussion, thank you for the input.


Btw, I saw there are some software specific teams, is there any way to become part of the Funkwhale Team here on the Forum?

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Yes, Funkwhale is most welcome! I will have to ping @how or @nightpool here, who can arrange assignments (I just see that #software:funkwhale was already added).

It is. I just cannot post anything there.

Hello, you’ve been added. Please try posting and let us know if you have any issues.