Is it possible to get the Status Id from the AP URL of a Note?

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Given that Mastodon does not yet have Client-to-Server (C2S) support for posting, I’m considering implementing in my app a fallback support to the Mastodon API.

The challenge I’m facing is that in my app I’d like to reply to a post that I know from the URL to an AP Note (which may be from a federated instance), but to reply using the Mastodon API I’d need to have the Status ID of that post on the Mastodon instance where the user have the user’s account.

Is there a way to do this “translation” using any of the existing APIs?

The background for this is in app support for replying to podcast comments.

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I found an option for this though this issue: getting user id for replying, retooting or starring · Issue #17694 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub

Using the search API it is possible to locate a status based on its url, which can be AP url of a federated instance.