Is there an overview somewhere of the server services that support ActivityPub

Is there an overview somewhere of the server services that support ActivityPub and what advantages and disadvantages they offer?

My reasoning: Ideally, there should be many small services/nodes. The network should remain decentralised.

Unfortunately, however, it is also the case that a service requires many resources, time and a lot of knowledge in order to be operated safely over a long period of time.

Which miniblogging service is the most cost-effective for a small group of people who are not experts in server administration and want to host it with a provider?

I am happy about every opinion and every hint.


I don’t have good concrete advice, but will share an opinion.

I am much in favor of this. Currently the Fediverse is focused on lotsa full-blown apps that create some kind of integration between them. I’d like to see a more service-oriented Fediverse, where someone hosts a concrete chunk of functionality that others can integrate with. Services as building blocks of apps and ‘social experiences’ and based on standardized interfaces that allow me to exchange one for the other.

I.e. go beyond apps that are like siloes with a ton (overlapping) functionality. For that I use the term “App Free Computing”, a term coined by Chris Gebhardt of (in a different context than fedi). Moving to such paradigm would require a rock-solid definition of how to create ActivityPub extensions that are interoperable for a particular business domain.

As for overview of server apps… I maintain the 3 fedi-related curated lists at:

(I have a bit of a backlog of projects to be added, though, unfortunately)