Join Owncast's community call next month!

Mid next month the Owncast project will be having our next community call where we talk about what’s been worked on, what we want to work on next, answer questions, and come up with ideas. You’re invited!

I’ll be demoing the first version of Federation features and going over the the next release. We will plan how we get some testing in from real users, and collect feedback so we can address anything that’s needed before we get them into everyone’s hands.

I’m excited to chat with everyone!

If you’re interested please pick the date and time that works best for you:


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This Monday, January 17th, we’ll be getting together to chat about Owncast and you’re invited. 12PM Pacific time, but find your local time here.

Join the call at Jitsi Meet.

If you’re currently a user of Owncast, a person who’s interested in being involved, or are just curious what the project is up to, we’d love to have you join us. You’re welcome to quietly listen, or be as involved as you like.

We’ll be talking about upcoming features, releases, and sharing ideas together on how to make Owncast better.

Some topics of discussion this time around

  1. The new ActivityPub-powered social features will be demoed.
  2. The new inline chat moderation tools will be demoed.
  3. Go over the testing required of the new features to be able to release them.
  4. Talk about some of the outreach attempts to add missing skill sets to the project.
  5. Future of some features and development.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2022 and building some really cool things with all of you!